Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Being African American – hell black. Being Black, I foolishly stuck with my own kind.  I don’t know, that’s generally the way it was for black women, gotta keep the black family line going, right? Like all other black women, I of course went through the phases. In the ‘80s you had to be light-skinned, so I would salivate over the Al B Sures and the Christopher Williams (speaking of which, have you seen him lately? Not so much). Then the ‘90s rolled around and LL was EVERYWHERE. MY GOD, what did that man do to his body? He looked so yummy; I even knew straight men who were secretly like ‘dayum.’ Then came 2004 – I started watching HBO’s "The Wire" and my boy Idris Elba came on the scene and I realized, chocolate is definitely in the mix.

But, after a brief stint in Atlanta, Ga. – 6 years to be exact – I am back in my old stopping ground and like a kid in a candy store, I want to touch and taste everything, and this is why New York City is the greatest city in the world.

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